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Kindergarten Class Lists

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Along with our computer software, teachers of the previous grade level look at behavioral/social/academic needs of our students, and learning phases impacts to place students into homeroom classes. 

The Zach teachers are some of the most high-quality educators in the state. The Principal does not process parent requests for teacher changes, instead this is done through our grade level teams. It’s important that children experience situations in safe environments where they meet new people and learn how to socially interact with people similar and different from them. In the event you feel there is absolutely no way your child can happily function in a particular homeroom after they have experienced the first week of school, then you can contact the teacher directly between Sept 1st-3rd. The teacher will then review the request with their grade level team and make a decision by Sept 4. In the event a change is made, your child would start in their new homeroom class on Sept 8th. No changes to classes are made after this time frame.

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