Hybrid Learning Starting in October!

Our staff is hard at work at planning for our upcoming change for ZOLA students.

In order for us all to have common language, we are calling in-person learning "@Zach days". We are calling remote/online learning "@ZOLA days".


Q: When will my student come to Zach to learn?

A: On October 5th, Kinder, first, and second grades will begin @Zach days on an "A/B" day rotation. 

On October 19th, third, fourth, and fifth grades will begin @Zach on an "A/B" day rotation. 

There is no school for anyone on October 15th and 16th. 


Q: What is "A/B" Day?

A: "A" day group students attend @Zach dayson Mondays and Wednesdays, while "B" day group students attend @Zach days Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

"A" day group students attend @ZOLA days onTuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays. While "B" day group students attend @ZOLA days Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

You can view your child's assigned day in ParentVue. We have very limited ability to make changes, so if you require a change please contact your homeroom teacher by this Friday, 9/24.


Q: When will attendance be taken?

A: Attendance will be taken M-F, 5 days a week at 8:15am,  whether a student is @Zach, or @ZOLA.


Q: What time will @Zach be?

A: 8:15am-2:53pm. Students can arrive to school no sooner than 7:55am and head to their classroom where they are expected to silently read until 8:15am. Students will have a staggered dismissal of:

2:40 Kindergarten

2:45-2:53pm 1st-5th grades (more specifics to come)


Q: What are the expectations of my child @Zach days?

A: All staff and students must wear a mask. For students, we recommend a gaiter mask or a lanyard that attaches to a typical mask so that during mask breaks and recess, the mask is not lost.

View this great short video about our return: https://youtu.be/WlPx_IJc0fM


Q: What is the routine for @Zach learning days?

A: Beginning Oct 5 for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grades; then beginning Oct 19 for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades...

We, as a Zach staff, are truly looking forward to finally seeing our students in person! We are planning on a safe transition back to school. You will receive details on the changes to drop-off/pick-up in a separate email next week. 

In essence, each grade level has a designated entry/exit door. No adult visitors are allowed past the gates or into the building. There will be clear directions for physical distancing. 

Upon entering the classroom, students need to unpack their backpacks, get laptops set up on desk, and either eat breakfast or silent read. Students will participate in an online check-in at 8:15am with their whole class. Direct instruction throughout the day will continue through our Google Meets platform for all @Zach and @ZOLA students simultaneously. When it's time for independent practice, @ZOLA students work independently off camera, and 1st-5th graders @Zach students work with live teacher interaction. Kindergarten is a little different and the homeroom teachers will communicate the schedule. Students will stay in the homeroom for most all their learning. They will exit the classroom to go to Specials and possibly for small group interventions. Physical distancing will be in effect for the whole day. 


Q: What is the routine for @ZOLA learning days?

A: Beginning Oct 5 for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grades; then beginning Oct 19 for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades...

We, as a Zach staff, are not willing to compromise on being able to have the most access possible to our students, thus we are planning for continuous lesson instruction Monday-Thursday. All students will participate in an 8:15am-8:30am daily online check-in with their homeroom class. When students are at home learning (@ZOLA), they will have a schedule of live instruction that they need to view online. Students will always continue to participate in small group interventions online while @ZOLA. Students will not have Specials classes on these days, but there are lots of extension activities on the Specials websites should you choose to access that.  Their homeroom teacher will provide this schedule to you. In addition, they will have 1-2 hours of independent study work over the course of the entire school day. On a student's @ZOLA days, they can go to Kinard Middle School to pick up a free sack lunch for that day. Please note, the Zach kitchen will not be available for students on @ZOLA days. 


Q: Does my child bring their laptop to school?

A: Maybe. Kinder does not, but 1st-5th graders will need their laptop and mouse with them Monday-Friday, no matter where they are learning. If you have a school laptop charger at home, you can keep it at home. If your child is bringing a personal device to school, they need to bring the charger. 


Q: What supplies will my child need to bring?

A: All students will need to have supplies both at school and home. Please make sure they have a pair of headphones with mic at home, and a pair of headphones at school. Please bring to school all the "extra" supplies like glue sticks, pencils, etc that your teacher asked you to set aside at the beginning of the year. 

Be sure your child still has scissors, glue, pencils, crayons, etc available in their learning space at home. 


Q: When and where will by child eat lunch?

A: Students will eat lunch during their normally scheduled time in the classroom (or perhaps outside as weather and space dictates). Your child can bring their own cold lunch from home or get a school sack lunch from our cafeteria. Our school sack lunches are free through December, per the USDA. No visitors are allowed to join our students during lunch. 


Q: When and where will my child eat breakfast?

A: If students don't eat breakfast at home, students @Zach days can get their free school sack breakfast from the cafeteria beginning at 7:50am and go to the classroom to eat. Students can get a breakfast to eat that day and another breakfast to put in their backpack for @ZOLA days. Those breakfasts will not require refrigeration.


Q: When will parent teacher conferences be?

A: We held optional listening conferences for every ZOLA student in September. Additional individual conferences will be available school wide in November. Dates and signups to come. 


Q: Does your child need a coat or boots for this winter? Yes! As the weather changes, we continue to hold recess outside until 18 degrees. Thanks to the Downtown Fort Collins Business Association, we are able to provide  coats or boots for families in need at Zach. There is a limited supply, and we will do our best but not all requests may be able to be filled. Please contact Mrs. Fierro, Zach school counselor, at 488-5109 or rfierro@psdschools.org to make a request by 9am, Thursday, Sept 24.



For personal reasons, you may decide you don't feel comfortable sending your child to school in person. I completely understand! It's a personal family choice. In PSD, we are not allowed to support you 100% online. Here are your choices for your child's learning within PSD:

  1. Attend Phase 3 at Zach on A/B Days (see above plan.)
  2. Complete and turn in a "Transfer Request" to PSDV.
  3. Register as a homeschool student. This option does include either an 100% homeschool or a hybrid-homeschool. 

Please know that this decision is yours to make, and it is a school year commitment. We are not accepting students back to Zach this year, but they are welcome back for the 21-22 school year. 

If you are requesting a district transfer to PSDV, you need to complete the attached School Transfer Request and send to angelh@psdschools.org

If you are wanting to homeschool, here are your steps:

  1. Determine if you are doing "homeschool" or "hybrid-homeschool".
  2. Email stowne@psdschools.org that you are withdrawing from Zach to homeschool(remember, this is a commitment through May.)
  3. Email a notice of intent to our PSD Homeschool Coordinator, Troy Krotz, at tkrotz@psdschools.org
  4. If you choose hybrid-homeschool, schedule a 15- minute conference with Mrs. Thomas to create your child's schedule. Email mbaca@psdschools.org to schedule your appointment. 

Q: Where can I get information on PSDV?

A: Check out this website at https://www.psdschools.org/psd2020-21/psdvirtual


Q: What is the difference between "homeschool" and "hybrid-homeschool"?

A: Both models mean you are responsible for your child's learning. Both models mean you do nothave access to our teachers for any resources, you are responsible to find/create all learning materials. (Keep reading, I've included a lot of resources here to try to make this easier.)

Homeschool model is that you determine 100% of the details regarding your child's learning and cannot use PSD resources, including you need to return all technology and textbooks. You can keep the Envision math book.

Hybrid-homeschool model is where you design your child's learning, and they also attend 6 hours a week of @ZOLA instruction. This is ONLY valid while we are in Phase 3! Once we go to Phase 4 and beyond, your child would need to attend in person at Zach for their 6 hours a week!

For hybrid-homeschool, you can continue to use PSD resources like the school laptop and textbooks. Essentially, your child plugs into our schedule for any subjects you like (Specials, WIN, Math, etc) to equal a minimum of 6 hours a week. The remainder of your child's learning is up to you. You do not have access to Zach teachers for subjects you choose to homeschool. 


Q: What resources could I use to create a homeschool curriculum for my child?

A: We are creating a webpage within our Zach website to share lots of great resources for you. It will host all our grade level topic curriculum maps for a normal year, plus great websites and videos to support you. It will be up and running this week. Just click here at https://zac.psdschools.org/ and then click "Parents", then the "Hybrid-Homeschool" icon.


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