No Cell Phone Zone!

Hello Zach Parents/Guardians, Yesterday, we had a seriously dangerous situation happen that illuminated an issue I feel compelled to address. Our staff crossing guard was almost hit as a car drove through the kiss-and-go-thru lane crosswalk, not stopping for the guard's stop sign. We see many drivers on their phone while driving in the lane and the parking lot. THIS ENDS NOW.

Safety has always been my first priority when leading this school. This morning we met as a staff and agreed to launch a no phone zone campaign to bring awareness and change the action of many adult drivers in the hopes of keeping ALL our pedestrians safe! Essentially, as soon as you make the turn on to Zach property, your phone and any other distractions should be put away and you need to be focused on driving the loop or parking safely.

You will see clear signage reminding you to put your cell phone away. You may see our students involved helping to cheer on those parents that are making safe choices. Our School Resource Officer, SRO Maynard, will be ticketing drivers who choose not to drive safely. If you have a caregiver, older child, or friend that drops of/picks up your child, please let them know about this. I ask that everyone, our whole community, come together to keep your children safe. We are stronger together. We are better together.

Thank you! Aisha Thomas · Principal