What is Indoor Recess?

Dear Zach Parents & Guardians,

So what is indoor recess really? Well, there are three types. The criteria is the same for all of them. The temperature must be below 18 degrees and/or be actively heavily snowing or raining (mild sprinkling does not count).

The first type is before school when doors open for students at 8:40am; there will be a banner sign hung on the fence which reads "Indoor Recess". 5th graders walk outside to their modular classroom and hang inside the class. Kinder through 4th, enter through the "after-hours entrance" near the front of the building. Beginning at 8:40am, we have staff getting them to their indoor recess spot. Parents do not enter the building, unless they have checked in through the office. If you choose to drop your child off at school prior to 8:40am, they will remain outside until 8:40am.

The second type is at lunch recess. This is announced over the intercom prior to the first recess. In this case, each grade level has a protocol they follow for what activities/games students play in the classroom during recess. If the temperature is above 18 and lightly snowing, students will have OUTDOOR recess. Please be sure your child has appropriate Colorado winter weather clothing (coat, hat, gloves, boots, snow pants) that are labeled with their first and last name.

The third type is afternoon recess. This is decided by each grade level. If they decide to hold the students inside, again they follow their grade level protocol.

Thank you! Aisha Thomas • Principal