Washington DC Travel for next years 4th/5th graders

If your student will be a 4th or 5th grader NEXT year, they have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. in June 2019!

This trip is being assembled as something special for our students to have the opportunity of seeing and doing while bringing their American history classroom lessons to life. This trip will have students from the FRHS feeder elementary schools, along with myself, staff sponsors, and a city tour guide. Parents can also attend as a participant! Students who attend must maintain a positive behavior record at this school with no major office referrals or suspensions. In June 2019, Mrs. Thomas will be leading a 4-day student trip to Washington, D.C.! We’re going to experience amazing places such as the U.S. Capitol Building, Mount Vernon and the Smithsonian Museums. Your child will be able to relate these places to the current curriculum, and also discover how these places have helped shape our past, present and future. This tour will allow students to gain new perspectives not only of themselves but also the world around them.

Families can sign up online ($95 deposit required). Enrollment is first come-first serve and will be capped at 40 participants (adults included). Two easy ways to enroll: Online efexploreamerica.com/2032609TF Phone: 888-333-9756 To enroll you’ll need your tour number: 2032609TF

​Please contact Aisha Thomas, Principal at 970-488-5101 or taisha@psdschools.org for questions.

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Presentation from Aisha Thomas