2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Testing Celebration

We are so proud of our 2nd graders for completing MAPS and CogAT and for the hard work our 3rd-5th grade students have put in to get ready for PARCC. So, as an end of testing celebration, we are hosting a professional obstacle course at school! This is a major hit with the kids each year!

Our event is scheduled for Friday, April 27th at the following times:
2nd: 11:35-11:55am
3rd: 11:15-11:35am
4th: 11:45-12:05pm
5th: 12:40-1:05pm

Please ask your child if they would like to participate. If they do not, there is no need to do anything more. However, if they would like to participate please click on the following links to sign a waiver and pay $5.00. Both must be completed by April 20th.

Waiver: https://trainoc.regfox.com/zach-elementary-school-waiver
School Pay: https://www.psdschools.org/schoolpay