PSD Parent Perception Survey

PSD Parent Perception Survey: What Parents and Guardians Need to Know


This year we are administering a Parent Perception Survey for parents/guardians of all PSD elementary students. The questions in the survey will ask you to give feedback about some of your children’s teachers and learning experiences. The goal is for teachers to use survey results to become even better teachers. You will receive information about accessing the surveys and directions for completing them by email or mail. 

What This Means for Your Child and Other Students

Research shows that parent/guardian input and involvement can provide valuable, valid data that can help show quality teaching and improve student academic outcomes. The survey results will be confidential; parents/guardians will have the opportunity, but are not required, to identify themselves on the survey forms. Teachers will not receive parent/guardian names with their survey results.

You will be asked to give input about your child’s classroom teacher and one other teacher, such as an art, music, or PE teacher, who will be randomly selected. While we want all teachers to receive feedback from their students’ parents/guardians, we are also trying to make sure that you’re not completing too many surveys.

What This Means to You as a Parent or Guardian

We know that having a great teacher is the most important school‐based factor in your child’s success. The survey is one of many tools our school district can use to provide teachers with feedback to help them improve. Schools will be stronger and your child’s teachers will be better. Ultimately, your child’s learning will improve, too.

What This Means for Teachers and Schools

The purpose of the Parent Perception Survey is to provide educators with more feedback about how they can improve to increase student learning. Common practice in teacher evaluations is for principals to observe a teacher instructing a lesson and to provide feedback. While the principal’s feedback helps teachers improve their instruction, teachers can improve even more when given information from parents.  Principals will use the survey results to confirm what they already observe, coach teachers, and plan professional development to improve students’ experiences in school.

The surveys are not designed to measure whether students and parents/guardians like or dislike teachers. Rather, the focus is on how teachers and the classroom environment help students learn. We hope you participate!