Congratulations to all of our Science Fair/Invention Convention participants!

The first place winners of each category will participate at the district fair is at the Museum of Discovery on March 30th!

Science Fair:
1st Liam Nevin- “How does wind affect a geyser's recharge time?”
2nd- Lauren Magelky- "Comparing the taste and environmental impact of tap water, filtered water, and bottled water.”
3rd- Alexis Dryg- “Biodegradable vs non-biodegradable bubblegum and how it affects the Earth?”

Invention Convention:
1st Zach Watkins- “A tree that hangs milk cartons to dry so they can be recycled.”
2nd- Paige Nguyen, Drew McArtor - 4th Grade “A Rubik’s Cube solution tutorial”
3rd-Sophie Williams, Jane Hargleroad “The bike rain poncho”