May 19th Logistics

We will have scheduled windows for pick up by grade in our two kiss and go lanes. Please pull up, one person exit your car to drop off books in the class box, return laptop to table, and pick up child's labeled bag (the bag is all the items from their desk, art work, and tech headphones).

Teachers will be present to wave goodby. Please don't approach them for hugs. Trust us, this part breaks our hearts, but we want to keep everyone safe and healthy! Only staff can enter the building, so just get your items and drive away to make room for the next person. Thank you!

8:15-9:00am kindergarten at bus lane

9:15-10:15 1st grade (Grell/Uhrich at kissngo lane, Sinclair/Hansen at bus lane)

10:30-11:30 2nd grade (Horky/Brazelton at kissngo lane, Waido/Lee at bus lane)

11:45-12:45 3rd Grade (Koch/Ratliff at kissngo lane, Tholl/Moore at bus lane)

1:00-2:00 4th Grade (Munios/Boisen at kissngo lane, Stafford/Nimlo at bus lane)

2:15-3:15 5th Grade (Sutton/Oster at kissngo lane, Norton/Eberle/Kenna at bus lane)

If you still have medication at school, this can also be picked up on May 19, but bring your pen to sign out for the meds. This assigned times is the only time that will be available for your child's pickup. We will not be holding any items over the summer.

Please make arrangements for someone to pick up the materials if you can't make it.

Don't forget to bring all library books and classroom books back on May 19!! Laptops and chargeres too!