Parent Partnership

Base Camp Before/After School Program

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Visitors are allowed during normal school hours and are required to sign-in at the front office upon arrival.

Pet Policy


We are a family friendly community and recognize that dogs are a part of some of our families. Please be aware of the following if you choose to bring your dog to campus.

  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the building.
  • Dogs are allowed on campus, however not allowed in the fenced area from 8:40am-3:45pm.
  • Do not allow your dog to lick another child, unless you have the parent’s okay. We have children who are allergic to dog dander and saliva and it’s our duty to safeguard them.
  • Clean up after your dog’s potty break.

Volunteering Information

Register online to receive a "Building Access Tag" by registering as a parent volunteer. Every Zach parent must register.


Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The PTO is an organization of parents and teachers who want to enhance every student's experience. We are excited to be a part of our children's education and helping the staff to achieve great things with our students. We invite you to attend monthly meetings and be an active part and voice in your child's education. Parental involvement is extremely important to the academic success of a child and we are very fortunate to have so many parents that are willing to volunteer within and outside the classroom. 

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) website link

PTO 2016-17 Meeting Dates and Minutes: 

September 14th Meeting Minutes 

School Accountability Committee (SAC)

The School Accountability Committee is comprised of Zach parents, classroom teachers, administration and community members. This committee works throughout the year to develop and monitor our unified improvement plan, to recommend expenditures of student-based budget funds and to make decisions for continued improvement of the instruction and operations of our school. 

  • Open to all; must apply and commit to not miss more than one meeting. 
  • When necessary, SAC members “vote” by consensus. Other parents are welcome to attend meetings by RSVP’ing at least 1 school day in advance.  Non-members do not hold voting powers. Agendas and minutes will be posted online.

SAC Guidelines

SAC 2016-17 Meeting Dates and Minutes: 

September 14 Meeting 

November 9 Meeting 

January 11 Meeting

February 8 Meeting

SAC 2015-16 Meeting Dates and Minutes:

​October 14 Meeting

January 13 Meeting

February 17 Meeting

April 13 Meeting

Unified Improvement Plan

District Accountability Committee

2016-17 GT Visioning Ad Hoc 

Design the vision and direction for the GT department. Review current research, establish common language, review ALP template and timelines, and create parent communication plans. This is a working group where documents are created. There may be work required outside of the group meetings.

o Meet 5 sessions: 8/10/16, 8/31/16, 9/21/16, 10/26/16, 1/25/17 from 4:45-5:45pm

Meeting Dates and Minutes: 

GT Guidebook 

August 10 Meeting Agenda 

August 10 Meeting Minutes 

August 31 Meeting Agenda 

August 31 Meeting Minutes 

September 21 Meeting Minutes 

October 26 Meeting Minutes 

November 30 Meeting Minutes

January 25 Meeting Minutes

February 22 Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 Parent Coffee Talks

November 3 Coffee Talk Minutes