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About Me
Why do you love being a teacher?: 
I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, after ten years in the classroom this still holds true. I love seeing students conquer their fears and achieve their dreams. I want my students to come to school everyday excited to learn and to be challenged. Helping students to discover who they are as a learner and what they are capable of keeps me coming back year after year.
What do you like to do outside of school?: 

When I am not working I love spending time with my wife and 2 kids. We enjoy spending time in the mountains, hiking, camping, and snowboarding. In the summer we spend our time taking our kids to park and reading at the library. I also enjoy traveling and trying new things even if they don't always go as planned. 

My Classroom
Courses Taught: 

I have taught 5th grade for the last ten years and recently completed my master's degree at UNC. 

Classes I teach - 

- Mathematics

- Writing 

- Social Studies 

- Science 

- Grammar