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Mascot and Facility

Zach Zephyrosaurus

Zephyrosaurus was a small plant-eating dinosaur that roamed parts of North America during the middle of the Cretaceous Period. It was an herbivore and its name means "west wind lizard." It was six feet in length and three feet in height. 

School colors are Green and Gold.

Zach Facility Information

63,000 square feet 

95% air-conditioned, supported by thermal ice storage

Classrooms have same orientation and day lighting for more uniform heating/cooling 

Two-story building design, resulting in a smaller footprint and more exterior natural surface area (landscaping, playground)

Safety features include: four sets of stairs; single, front-door entry with electronic security systems; and elimination of outside doors to each classroom

Building provides opportunities for student learning: electrical systems; hard-wire technology systems; heating/air conditioning; wastewater; fire protection system.

Learning opportunities outside also include: gravel in parking lot vs. asphalt, recycled shingles, natural/low water grasses and plants.

Natural light visible from most areas of building.

Security System includes cameras at major entrances; card access entry into the school

Recycling Center

Less hard surface paving around the school to reduce “heat sink” effect

100% wind powered

Recycled products were used to make the carpet, flooring, furniture, shingles, and other building materials at Zach Elementary