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Virtual Science Fair

The 2024 zach science fair

will be held VIRTUALLY on Flip!

All grade levels are invited to participate!

Fourth and Fifth graders will enter into the judged competition with two winners presenting their projects at the PSD showing in April.

K-3 young scientists can enter with either a traditional science fair project or a research project on a topic of their interest.


Sign up deadline: Friday, March 8th (yes, after submissions begin)

Fair Submissions: March 6th - April 10th by 9:00 PM

Judging Window: April 11th-22nd


More information, rules and link to sign up:


  • I have created a Flip video assignment to practice using the platform. The subject is to tell me three things about yourself. I made one, too! 

  • To log into Flip, first log into your school Google account, then log into Flip using Microsoft. 

  • Here is the link: https://flip.com/3ebfae3c  (This is NOT for your Science Project, only to say hi and practice using the program.)

  • The link for Science Fair Projects will be sent out on March 8th.

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