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Colorado Department of Education John Irwin School of Excellence award

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Staff Name Role E-Mail
Actor, Laura ELL/ESL, RTi Coach lactor@psdschools.org
Bannick, Scott Registrar, Secretary sbannick@psdschools.org
Berling, Stephanie Health Tech sberling@psdschools.org
Betros, Melanie Paraprofessional mbetros@psdschools.org
Boisen, Katie Fourth Grade Teacher kboisen@psdschools.org
Carpenter, Brian Assistant Principal bcarpent@psdschools.org
Castillo, Kassy Custodian kassandrac@psdschools.org
Cey, Elizabeth Kindergarten ecey@psdschools.org
Connors, Danielle Integrated Services dconnors@psdschools.org
DeFazio, Heather Kindergarten Teacher hdefazio@psdschools.org
Ehlert, Todd Tech tehlert@psdschools.org
Farmer, Lisa Paraprofessional lfarmer@psdschools.org
Fierro, Rachel Counselor rfierro@psdschools.org
Fisher, Karri OT karrif@psdschools.org
Goetz, Stephanie Paraprofessional sgoetz@psdschools.org
Gonzales, Lynette Mental Health Specialist lgonzales@psdschools.org
Gonzalez, Ashley Kindergarten Teacher gonzaleza@psdschools.org
Grell, Julie First Grade Teacher jgrell@psdschools.org
Halbert, Kristie Kitchen Staff khalbert@psdschools.org
Hansen, Sharalyn MTSS sharalyh@psdschools.org
Herold, Annelisa Speech aherold@psdschools.org
Herrick, Angel Principal angelh@psdschools.org
Horky, Mary Second Grade Teacher mhorky@psdschools.org
Hoyland, Zayne Psychologist zhoyland@psdschools.org
Johnson, Alyssa Music ajohnson@psdschools.org
Johnson, Sarah Nurse sajohnson@psdschools.org
Kenna, Jeff Math Teacher and GT Site Coordinator jkenna@psdschools.org
Koch, Marianne Third Grade Teacher mkoch@psdschools.org
Kozusko, Amy Fifth Grade Teacher amyc@psdschools.org
Lee, Stacie Second Grade Teacher slee@psdschools.org
Lemon, Jenny Kindergarten jelemon@psdschools.org
Linehan, David Assistant Principal dlinehan@psdschools.org
Meyer, Brenna Paraprofessional bmeyer@psdschools.org
Morgan, Riley Paraprofessional rmorgan@psdschools.org
Nelson, Joyce Paraprofessional joycen@psdschools.org
Nimlo, Jan Fourth Grade Teacher jnimlo@psdschools.org
Ortiz, Mary Head Custodian mariao@psdschools.org
Oster, Jenny Fifth Grade Teacher jeoster@psdschools.org
Oster, Megan Fifth Grade Teacher moster@psdschools.org
Ratliff, Denise Third Grade Teacher dratliff@psdschools.org
Ross-Boon, Kelly Paraprofessional krossboon@psdschools.org
Sawyer, Kevin Fifth Grade Teacher ksawyer@psdschools.org
Scherer, Kimberly Paraprofessional kscherer@psdschools.org
Schilling, Kim Technology, Media Center kschilli@psdschools.org
Sickels, Angela Art asickels@psdschools.org
Stafford, Elizabeth Fourth Grade Teacher estaffor@psdschools.org
Stansberry, Rachel First Grade Teacher rstansberry@psdschools.org
Tholl, Rosemary Third Grade Teacher rtholl@psdschools.org
Towne, Stacey Secretary stowne@psdschools.org
Uhrich, Amanda First Grade Teacher auhrich@psdschools.org
Uhrich, Brent Physical Education brentu@psdschools.org
Waido, Anna Second Grade Teacher awaido@psdschools.org
Walter, Brooke Fourth Grade Teacher bwalter@psdschools.org
Wiese, Jennifer Kitchen Manager jwiese@psdschools.org
Woolsey, Morgan Paraprofessional mwoolsey@psdschools.org
Yetter, Rebecca Kitchen Staff ryetter@psdschools.org
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.